Lets mug him

Their brains are too fried off of med-x and jet to realize who they’re mugging

Also, what three cities? The only one I know of that can be destroyed is Megaton. I don’t think Tenpenny tower counts as a city (you can side with Roy, be a dick, and have the residents killed by a swarm of ghouls). I guess Paradise Falls counts as a city (Slaver compound, can be wiped out and slaves can be freed). Also also, you can’t actually eat the baby in the vanilla The Pitt expansion, you’ll need a mod for that option.

I was actually working on most of what I did in game and my memory (my memory’s crap I’m sorry)


*draws figures wearing oven mitts so I don’t have to draw hands*



okay but at this summer art program I really did have a classmate who created this whole complex world for his comic and the culture of the main characters considered hands to be inappropriate parts of the body and everyone wore oven mitt like things to fulfill this extensively developed world he had created just so he wouldn’t have to draw hands

absolutely fucking incredible